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Terms of Service


General points

This Notice on privacy and the protection of personal data (hereafter 'Privacy Notice') applies to the Service taken out with Globacom, whether this Service is accessible via computer, mobile device or any other form of technology. Unless otherwise indicated, this Privacy Notice only applies to the data collected in the context of the use of the Service and in order to perform this Service. This Privacy Notice explains how Globacom collects, uses and processes its customers' data when they take out, access or use the Service. The customer is invited to read this Privacy Notice carefully, and to review the General Terms and Conditions before using the Service.
Information to be provided to Globacom in order to access the Service The customer agrees to provide Globacom with correct and precise information when they sign up for the Service and agrees to keep this information up-to-date. Omitting information or providing incorrect information may lead to the suspension or termination of the Service and the deletion of the account (for example information concerning the customer's identity or information enabling the identification of their devices). The customer assumes entire responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information they provide.

Data collected by Globacom

As the entity in charge of processing personal data, Globacom processes the personal data which the customer or User provides it with and more specifically identification data (surname, first names, address, telephone number, e-mail address), demographic information (sex, age, postcode...), their user name and password, the type of device used, the type of browser, the operating system, the IP (Internet Protocol) address, the storage capacity to take into account for the period of calculation, the start date and the duration of the quantity of data sent and/or received, other data about payment and billing (including the bank card number, suspensions and reminders).

Purposes for which Globacom processes the data collected

Globacom may use the data collected in order to: perform and bill the Service; manage its customers' information; answer questions asked by customers; manage and improve services; understand the needs and interests of customers and personalise services; perform market research and marketing; offer the customer other products or services; provide updates for the application; make any applicable changes to Globacom's policy and prevent money-laundering.

Information which Globacom receives from third parties

Globacom may use third parties to obtain information about the customer or, if applicable, about Users, either in order to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in its databases, or to perform market research, marketing campaigns or direct marketing.

Data uploaded onto the account

Globacom does not view data which are not intended for Globacom, nor data which Users upload or save on their account or share via the Service, nor the data which result directly from the use of the Internet by Users, except in the following cases:In order to perform and bill the Service, to manage the flow of communication and ensure the proper functioning of the Service and the Globacom Network, Globacom reserves the right to automatically scan all User files uploaded onto the account in order to ensure that they do not contain any viruses. This operation does not imply that Globacom reviews their content. The server may refuse to share files infected with a virus.

Sharing data with third parties

Globacom does not sell its customers' personal data to third parties.
Globacom undertakes not to pass on any personal data originating from the customer or Users to third parties, except:Furthermore, Globacom uses independent sales agents to manage its customers and customer advice. In this context, Globacom may pass on or obtain the customer's personal data. The customer's personal data are stored in Globacom's databases, which are owned by Globacom.
Globacom processes the personal data of customers who do not fulfil their obligations towards Globacom for fraud or non-payment purposes. Each time a (potential) customer takes out a contract, Globacom contacts certain financial and commercial information providers in order to check that the (potential) customer can meet their obligations.

Log files

Globacom may automatically record information on the server about your activities (such as your device's IP address, the type of browser used, the system configuration information, regional settings, the device's identification number, the date and time of the connection to the account) for technical administration purposes or to improve the customer's experience when using the Service.


Globacom may use cookies to collect information and facilitate the use of the Service. A cookie is a small file (with an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers) which the server sends to the User's browser and which is saved on their device. Globacom may use cookies which mean that the User does not have to choose their language again or sign in at each visit, as well as cookies which only work during a single session or visit, in order to facilitate browsing on partner websites accessible via the Service in order to avoid having to sign in each time. None of the cookies contain information which would make it possible to contact the User by telephone, or by individual e-mail or chain e-mail. The User still has the option to adjust their browser settings in such a way that it informs the User each time cookies are installed, or it refuses to install them.

Geolocation information

Some data uploaded, saved or shared via the Service may contain location information. Globacom may use certain information sent by the customer to improve their experience when using the Service. If the customer does not wish to store location information in their photos or videos, it is their responsibility to turn off this function when using their camera, camcorder or mobile telephone, or not to upload this information to their account.


Globacom takes commercially reasonable protective measures to save and secure its customers' data. The customer uses the Service at their own risk. Globacom does not offer any guarantee against the dangers related to storing and transmitting data on the Internet.

Service providers

At the date this Notice comes into force, the storage space is hosted on Amazon's servers. To find out more about the security and encryption measures used, please check Amazon's website and the following links.

Partner websites and services

Thanks to certain functionalities of the Service, the customer can decide to share certain files with third parties, including via websites, applications or services offered by third party companies (for example via e-mail or social network services). Globacom is not responsible for any use that these third party companies may make of these data.

In the event of death

The account and the Service cannot be accessed. As soon as Globacom receives a death certificate, the customer's account will be terminated and the entire Content stored on the account will be fully and permanently deleted.

Changing and deleting data

The customer can view, update, correct, change and delete the data about them at any time via their account or their Globacom account, by updating their profile or their account settings or by sending a dated and signed letter to the Globacom customer service department at the address mentioned in Article 18 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Service.
The customer may oppose the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes, at no cost, either by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each of the communications, by updating the settings on their account or by contacting the Globacom customer service department.
The customer may also delete their account in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions if they no longer want Globacom to use their information in the context of the Service.

Deleting the account

If the customer terminates the service or deletes their account, the customer's data are fully and permanently deleted. In some cases, the full and permanent deletion of the customer's data from the servers may require some time, insofar as different versions of saved data may remain on the servers after the account is deleted.

Retrieving data

The customer has two months as of any request for total or partial termination to recover their data or if they make a request to change their telephony or Internet subscription services.

Storing data

Globacom keeps the data for as long as the customer's account is active or as long as required for the proper functioning of the Service or, if applicable, other services which the customer has signed up for with Globacom and until the customer retrieves the data within the above-mentioned period of two months, the Service is billed and the amounts due by the customer are recovered, the customer complies with their legal obligations or in order to resolve any conflicts or disputes.

Transferring data

When this Privacy Notice comes into force, the content uploaded by the customer to their account will be hosted on Amazon servers located in Europe.
However, Globacom may have to transfer personal data collected about its customers to another country located outside the European Economic Area and which does not necessarily offer the same level of protection. The customer declares that they agree to this transfer for the purposes described above.

Changes made to this notice

This Privacy Notice may be changed from time to time. Globacom will inform the customer of any changes that would limit their rights. By continuing to use the Service once the changes have come into force, the customer agrees to be bound by the new Notice, as amended. If the customer does not accept the new Notice, they must stop using the Service.